The Ghosts of Borders Past

Borders Store ClosingWith the announcement that our former company will be liquidating all remaining assets and closing the rest of its stores, we wanted to share some pictures of stores we loved before, during, and after a liquidation.  To those of you going through this process, some for the second or third time – we feel your pain.

Some disclaimers / information about the pictures:

1) All photos are used with permission of their respective owners.  You may link to our blog, but we ask that you not share these pictures as your own on any other site.

2) People who appear in these photos are identified by first name if they have given express permission; otherwise, by initials only.

3) All pictures in Parts 1-3 were taken at store 517 in Chicago by the owner of this blog (Rachel) unless otherwise specified.  All pictures in Part 4 were taken by Rachel at store 405 in Chicago unless otherwise specified.

4) If you have pictures you would like to share, email us at bksellerexpats [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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