Part 3: The End

My last day of work was April 17, 2011, the last day that our store was open to the public.  Cindy has kindly provided the following pictures of our store after it was closed and most fixtures had been picked up.

Former Reference section

This was formerly the Reference / Science section, with the door to our break room.

Former Business/Computers section

Where we used to keep Business, Computers, and Math.

Empty cage area

Where our multimedia cage used to be - just an empty alcove now.

Inventory desk

What was left of our inventory/receiving desk. All shelving and carts and various other sort room equipment - gone.

Elevator, 1st floor

The elevator area on our first floor. (Cooking / Paperchase / Bargain)

Alcove, first floor

This alcove used to house Diet, Fitness, Health, and Cooking.

Former info desk

Empty first floor/FOS. Former home of the information desk, new and bestseller bays, new and featured tables, and periodicals.


I never thought I would miss the registers, but this picture changed my mind.


Cindy stopped by the shopping center on 07.30.11 and snapped one final picture for our blog. All Borders signs have now been taken down or blacked out. Also, look at all those prime parking spots. On a weekend!


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