My Naughty Little Sister by Dorothy Edwards, Illustrated by Shirley Hughes

03 May

I havMy Naughty Little Sistere the complete collection of My Naughty Little Sister books. If you can find them on eBay or Amazon get them!   These stories are narrated as memories of an older sister’s about the mischievous behavior of her naughty little sister. I grew up on these stories and shared them with my children, who loved them as much as I did.  Children love to hear about bad children, danger and the consequences of our behavior.

The first line of the book is: “This is such a very terrible story about my naughty little sister that I hardly know how to tell it to you.”  Each story continues to recollect the horrible actions of this child, but the language is wonderfully lyrical and fun to read out loud.

“Do you like climbing? My naughty little sister used to like to climb very much indeed. She climbed up fences and on chairs and down ditches and round railings.”

“You wouldn’t think there could be another child as naughty as my naughty little sister, would you? But there was. There was a thoroughly bad boy who was my naughty little sister’s best boy-friend: Bad Harry.”

“I’m sorry I have to tell you this, because I feel so ashamed of them, and expect you feel ashamed of them too. I hope you aren’t shocked to hear any more? Because, do you know, those two bad children forgot all about the party…”

“‘Take one,’ said that naughty boy, and my naughty little sister did take one, she took a red jelly-sweet from the top of the trifle; then Bad Harry took a green jelly-sweet; and then my naughty little sister took a yellow jelly-sweet and a silver ball, and Bad Harry took three jelly-sweets and six silver balls and put them in his mouth at once.”

I love these real life naughty stories and wish this book was read to every child with an actively naughty imagination.  It opens the door to discussion and understanding of the consequence of misbehaving in society.

Read to 4-7yrs… read alone 8+.


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