John Connolly and Stuart Neville at Centuries & Sleuths

23 Sep
Neville and Connolly

Stuart Neville and John Connolly with BwoB admin Rachel

As most of you know, we are huge John Connolly fans around these parts.  When we heard he was going to be in town with fellow Irish crime writer Stuart Neville, we were excited!  We got to spend some time with them during the day and live-tweeted during the event itself.  Here are some tweets and pictures for any of you who were not able to attend in person.

@BksellerExpats: What a beautiful day for a book signing in Chicago! We’ll have @jconnollybooks and @stuartneville updates all day – keep checking back.

@BksellerExpats: “What I realized is that, by and large, my readers would prefer it if I died, as opposed to Charlie Parker.” – @jconnollybooks

@BksellerExpats: (We are live-tweeting the @jconnollybooks@stuartneville event tonight, in case you forgot.)

@BksellerExpats: Ooh, @jconnollybooks is reading the first chapter of the next Parker novel! Nice.

@BksellerExpats: “I’m usually about a third of the way into a book before I find out what kind of shape it’s going to be.” – @stuartneville

@BksellerExpats: “I can’t even read in a car, and I don’t think Rachel wanted a car covered in vomit.” – @jconnollybooks on writing on tour

(NOTE: We have it on good authority that no, she did not.)

@BksellerExpats: “Art comes out of hacking away on all those days when you want to be doing anything else.” – @jconnollybooks on having a writing schedule

@BksellerExpats: “Sometimes you just need an alleyway. And then you think, as far as my books are concerned, I’m God.” – @jconnollybooks on fictional alleys

@BksellerExpats: “After you read a book, you’re never the same person. You just can’t be.” – @jconnollybooks

Connolly / Neville signing

Connolly / Neville signing

Connolly / Neville signing


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2 responses to “John Connolly and Stuart Neville at Centuries & Sleuths

  1. Noeni

    September 23, 2011 at 1:23 pm

    Brilliant quotes especially “I can’t even read in a car, and I don’t think Rachel wanted a car covered in vomit.”. I initially thought “Bloody Rachel again. Why doesn’t Charlie just shoot her and have done?”. 😀

    Great to see these guys at audience level for the signing. It’s so warm and approachable. In contrast, at a recent interview/signing in South Dublin, a UK author signed books from a raised platform behind a chest-level countertop. No chat was forthcoming to those who’d paid to see the interview and subsequently paid to buy the book(s), just a “who’s it for, then?”, a scribble and a thrust book.

    • Booksellers Without Borders

      September 23, 2011 at 1:28 pm

      Apparently most people would rather see the fictional Rachel die than the real one, which is a bit of a relief, to be honest.


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