Printers Row Lit Fest 2011 Live Tweets

05 Jun

Printers Row Lit Fest 2011As our Twitter followers know, we live-tweeted the proceedings at Printers Row Lit Fest today.  Here is a compilation of the tweets from a truly wonderful day!  (Tweeted by Recidivist Reader via @BksellerExpats.)

Printers Row Lit Fest 2011

June 3rd, 5:45pm:  As unemployed booksellers, we didn’t make it to #BEA11, but some of us will be at @chicagotribune‘s #PRLF on Sun! Tweet us if you’re there.

June 5th, 8:05am:  Getting ready for #PrintersRowLitFest! Tweet us if you’re there today.

June 5th, 9:34am:  We know that #YAsaves and love that it’s trending!

June 5th, 9:36am:  (Take that, MTV Movie Awards. All the way down there.)

June 5th, 10:17am:  Remember how I wasn’t going to buy any books at #PRLF..? What made me think that would work??

June 5th,10:41am:  John Kass talking about Chicago politics says he thinks Blago will do time in prison. TribNation tent erupts in applause. #PRLF11

June 5th,10:59am:  RT @tracysamantha The audience at the Trib Nation tent is ready to talk FB & Twitter. They all said cheese for this photo! #prlf11

June 5th, 11:10am:  @tracysamantha talking about social media in TribNation tent says 25% of us check FB in bed. I do – who’s with me? #PRLF11

June 5th, 11:56am:  Lots of dancing tots at Lil Lit Park stage for Justin Roberts + The Not Ready For Naptime Players. Adorable! #PRLF11

June 5th, 12:05pm:  Starbucks is popular, as always, but they are moving through the line like pros. #PRLF11

June 5th, 12:46pm:  Amy Krouse Rosenthal reading at Lil Lit Park stage. #PRLF11

June 5th, 1:20pm:  RT @PrintersRowFest Heard on the street: “Only one more book,” said mom. “Okay, but then we will buy more after that,” said daughter. #prlf11 #youngreaders

June 5th, 1:26pm:  Next up: Adam Langer @ Hotel Blake! #PRLF11

June 5th, 1:39pm:  Adam Langer compares book industry’s demise to that of real estate. #PRLF11

June 5th, 1:57pm:  Adam Langer defines being a “Chicago writer” as writing about neighborhoods, the wide expanse of the city made specific. #PRLF11

June 5th, 2:01pm:  “I like your book because it’s literary, but you also kill people.” – Alan Heathcock’s editor #PRLF11

June 5th, 2:04pm:  “It was the first time I’d woken up screaming in 30 years.” – Langer on nightmare he had after reading Heathcock’s Volt #PRLF11

June 5th, 2:05pm:  Alan Heathcock calls Volt, his short story collection, a series of failed novels. #PRLF11

June 5th, 2:09pm:  Adam Langer cites Virginia Woolf and Beverly Cleary as influences. #PRLF11

June 5th, 2:18pm:  YA panel at Mash stage. #PRLF11 #YAsaves

June 5th, 2:35pm:  “Telling a good story and getting teens to turn pages is top priority (over ‘messages’).” – James Klise #PRLF11 #YAsaves

June 5th, 2:52pm:  James Klise compares writing short stories to a weekend fling, whereas novels are a job for a year or two. #PRLF11

June 5th, 3:21pm:  Ran into some kids I used to babysit when they were babies/toddlers. Now they are competing in the spelling eeb! #PRLF11

(FYI, a spelling eeb is like a spelling bee – except you have to spell all the words backwards.)

June 5th, 4:46pm:  Okay, my battery died – thus ends #PRLF11 tweeting. Great day talking about reading + writing. Can’t wait for next year!

Thanks to our very own Recidivist Reader for live tweeting this event, and to all the authors, booksellers, librarians, teachers, readers, volunteers, and Chicago Tribune staff  that make it possible every year.  See you in 2012.

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