The Practical Napper by Jennifer Eyre White

06 Jun
The Practical Napper

The Practical Napper

Napping is one of the finest pleasures in life.  The idea of stopping everything in the middle of the day and crawling into bed, or onto the couch, or perhaps just putting your head down on the steering wheel for a few moments, is intoxicating.  So many napping possibilities, so few napping hours in the day.  Yes, I am decidedly pro-nap.

Now there is a book to support nap enthusiasts like myself: The Practical Napper (available on Tuesday, June 7th).  This volume is a hardcover, but its small, gift-book size ensures that you will not sustain blunt force trauma from dropping it on your face when you doze off in the middle.  (Beware the corners, though – those are still sharp and pointy.  I added foam padding to mine.)

Each page contains a quotation, fact, illustration, or anecdote, all revolving around the ancient art of napping.  Take this one, for instance: “A nap makes a fine Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift for your weary spouse, the beloved parent of your young children.  Because nothing says ‘I love you’ like letting your partner check out for awhile and forget all about the life the two of you have built together.” (120)  That’s some sound advice right there.

Actually, that brings me to my next point.  This book is being released just in time for the “Dads & Grads” season.  I imagine both dads and grads would appreciate some naptime wisdom, and this book is the logical choice, proving that you know exactly what they are planning to do all summer.  However, I would personally give this book to any mother with a young child (or children).  Did you know that newborn babies cause their parents to lose 400-750 hours of sleep in their first year alone? (63)  That’s the kind of vital information you need to learn from this book.  You don’t want to find that one out the hard way.

Buy this book for yourself and your loved ones.  No nightstand should be without one.

Napping on a Bench

This book was reviewed from an advance copy sent by the author/publisher.

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